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Oxford Renewables Updates
  • Domestic and Commercial PV systems still deliver a payback in under 10 years
  • Government subsidies such as the Domestic RHI have come and gone but we are still installing profitable low carbon systems
  • Our sustainable energy solutions have saved 1000s of tonnes of CO2 since 2008
  • Together with our partners we have installed over 1 MW PV
  • More than a hectare of solar thermal arrays installed across dozens of sites
  • About 10 MW of biomass heating capacity installed across the south of England
  • Over 500 biomass boiler services carried
  • Over 100 customers signed up to our full warranty cover Service & Maintenance contract
  • 100% success rate with the RHI

Long term performance at the heart of our renewable heating solutions

Biomass heating solutions are now a well understood and mainstream heating solution. They are popular due to their minimal impact on the environment, high energy efficiency provided and wide variety of applications. At Oxford Renewables we specialise in the design, supply and installation of renewable energy solutions, with particular focus on biomass boiler systems. We are an official partner of Austrian boiler manufacturers’ GILLES and SOLARFOCUS, as we have a team of experienced technicians and professionals on hand ready to give solid advice based on our depth of understanding. We focus on commercial biomass boilers that provide returns on investment, improved efficiency and lower fuel costs.

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