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    All You Need to Know About the Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government funded scheme that is launching very soon to encourage more people to use renewable energy to heat home. As an incentive, annual payments will be provided for 7 years to
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Job Vacancies

Subcontractors Wanted

As we expand the volume of projects undertaken we wish to develop long-term working relationships with:

- Plumbing subcontractors to work on commercial & domestic biomass heating installations

- Multi skilled labourers to undertake a variety of construction tasks

For more information on the above please email Project Manager, at: Simon.Oflaherty@oxfordren-

Installer Partner Network

The show trailer goes on its summer holidays! A number of our installer partners are actively marketing their biomass installation services at events across the south of England. Pure Green Energy are linking up with the Isle of Wight CLA to provide a seminar.

The Oxford Renewables show trailer will make its way down to the island on the 15th May. OHM Energy will be making use of the trailer on the 25th and 26th May. To find out more about the companies we work with please click here.

Renewable Heat Incentive

SOLARFOCUS equipment and Oxford Renewables installations benefit from the governments Renewable Heat Incentive.

The aim of the incentive is to deliver government carbon reduction commitments and improve energy security while delivering an attractive return on investment for end users.

There are two programmes, one for the domestic and another for the non-domestic sector. To find out how you can save money on fuel and generate revenue by installing a biomass and solar-thermal system click here .

Introduction to Biomass Energy & Wood Boiler Heating Solutions

Pangfield Farm Boiler House
Our mission is to build up the small-scale renewable energy capacity across the south of England with a range of wood boiler / biomass heating solution services & products.

Renewable energy is becoming increasingly common as more and more people look for alternatives to fossil fuels. Traditional fuels such as oil, gas and LPG are costly, damaging to the environment and rapidly running out. Nor do they suit modern household and industrial demands for clean, efficient and locally abundant sources of energy. However, we all have access to wood and solar energy, which are environmentally sustainable energy sources as we are capable of controlling and managing the resource and renewing the available stock. As such, Oxford Renewables is proud to supply a range of wood boilers, solar and biomass heating solutions that are suitable for domestic, rural and commercial properties.
Pellet boiler with buffer store
Wood boilers and Biomass heating solutions are fuel efficient, reliable, and safe. The solar and biomass heating systems we offer are eligible for incentives and bursaries from the government – so you can get paid to heat your space and save energy, also reduce your carbon footprint. What’s more, the savings achieved by renewable and biomass energy means that the equipment pays for itself over time. Investing in renewable energy is investing in your future.

Click onto the Headings below to read more

Biomass Heating

Biomass heating uses various forms of wood (pellets, chips, recently felled wood or waste timber etc) to fuel boilers and supply, most commonly, heating but can also be used to heat water too. Ideal for small to medium sized homes and businesses, biomass heating is incredibly efficient and offers excellent energy savings and reduced bills.  Biomass heating solutions can vary largely in size and there are several models available which are small enough for use inside the home. Larger properties can benefit from combined biomass boilers which use both pellets and logs for more effective heating and energy usage.

Biomass Heating Wood Boilers

Multi Fuel Heating

Multi fuel heating, when used in reference to biomass energy, generally refers to heating systems that use more than one form of fuel – most commonly wood pellets and logs. Multi fuel heating is incredibly efficient as it can be loaded with logs in the morning, and once they have been used the boiler will automatically switch to burning pellets if more heating is required. Using multiple forms of fuel reduces the need for manual loading and also allows you to more effectively tailor your fuel usage to suit your energy requirements.

biomass fuel energy

Solar Heating Systems

The solar heating systems provided by SOLARFOCUS combine biomass heating and solar panels for increased efficiency. These two forms of energy work incredibly well together because, during the summer months, using solar energy is a fantastic alternative to biomass and helps to prolong the life of the boiler. Solar energy is excellent for producing domestic hot water (DHW) and biomass energy can be used when the sun isn’t shining or you have increased demand. Additionally, biomass boiler installations require a large buffer store which are perfect for storing solar energy when the DHW tank is full, increasing your return on investment.

Solarfocus Solar Heating Systems

Enough solar energy falls on the earth’s surface in an hour, to provide the planet’s energy needs for a year. SOLARFOCUS thermal collectors play their part, getting ahold of up to 70% of that solar energy to drive heating and hot water systems within residential, commercial and industrial applications.

One of the simplest and most robust technologies in this field are the collectors.  These capture thermal energy from direct and ambient sunlight and stores it in liquid form. The hot liquid (usually glycol) then heats up water. Due to the simplicity of the conversion solar thermal energy does not create secondary emissions.

solar thermal energy

Domestic Biomass Boilers & Stoves

We offer a variety of biomass and wood boilers or wood stoves that are specifically designed for use in the home. Compact in size and requiring little storage space, domestic biomass boilers & biomass stoves are an energy efficient alternative to more traditional forms of heating and, when the Renewable Heat Incentive is introduced for home owners in 2014, it will provide an added stream of income in addition to excellent heat generation and energy savings.  Will also give you a return on your investment. Wood stove boilers or domestic biomass boilers can be used for both general heating and supplying hot water, and are available in various sizes and styles to suit individual preferences.

Biomass Boiler

Commercial Biomass Heating

During these financially constrained times many businesses are looking to invest what available capital they have in ways that both save them money and can also provide a source of revenue generation. The Oxford Renewables commercial offering does just that. We have helped schools, care homes, farms and Almshouses switch from their outdated, inefficient and costly fossil fuel systems to commercial wood-fuel / biomass heating alternatives. They all have cut their fuel bills by up to 50% and provide a new 20-year income stream via the RHI. Together, this adds tens of thousands of pounds to their bottom line. In pursuit of developing our offer we work in conjunction with CPL Industries to offer a containerised solution , the ‘CPL Pellet Box’.  It has been designed especially for commercial heating and industrial premises. As the boiler room and fuel store are built in the container and installed off site this offering is ‘ plug and play’. Within one week the container can be placed on a cement foundation and integrated into the building. This means there is minimal disruption on site and reduced time spent in heating system switchover.

Oxford Renewable supplies, installs and maintains the heating system while CPL Industries provide 200 years of experience in solid fuel distribution. Alongside receiving RHI revenue the equipment itself operates low fuel usage and requires little maintenance.

CPL Commercial Biomass Heating Solutions

40′ container with two PelletTop 70kW boilers inside

Wood Boilers & Wood Stoves

The variety of wood boilers & wood stoves offered by Oxford Renewables will suit any premises and application.  Offering guaranteed energy savings and a return on your investment.

Because fuel for wood stoves or boilers is so readily available across the UK, using wood boilers helps to fund the local economy and rural companies while providing cheaper biomass fuel for your boiler or wood stove – especially when purchased in bulk. If you would like to know more about how wood boilers can be beneficial for you, please don’t hesitate to look around our website or contact us directly for more information.

biomass wood boiler

Biomass Wood Fuels:  Wood Pellets & Wood Briquettes

The wood-fuelled heating cycle is environmentally sustainable for two main reasons. Wood pellets and wood briquettes are a renewable resource. For each tree felled for use as fuel, another can be grown to replace it, not to mention the by products in manufacture to create wood pellets and wood briquettes.

Secondly, as trees grow they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the same carbon dioxide which is released when combusted in the SOLARFOCUS wood boilers and pellet stoves.

The result is a virtuous circle of energy and carbon dioxide captured in the fuel, which is released during combustion and then captured again as the resource is grown. As such, we call biomass wood-fuelled heating a carbon neutral form of energy generation.

Oxford Renewables continues to evolve as we build upon the company's founding principles of ethical and environmentally sustainable energy provision.

We now offer a wider range of products and services and count on a network of like-minded companies to help us deliver cost-effective, resilient and environmentally sustainable renewable heating systems; helping to build the renewable energy capacity across the south and southeast of England.

We invite all of our current customers and partners to contribute points of view, ask questions or share experiences and learning. So tweet us, send a message via linkedin, the box below, email, give us a call, or drop by the office.

Key Services:


Our biomass wood pellet boiler system design principles follow those of SOLARFOCUS. Oxford Renewables seeks to reduce lifetime costs related to fuel and maintenance while delivering renewable energy solutions for heating and hot water supply via bio mass heating and solar thermal solutions. Designed to match the end-users tastes with their site-specific requirements. Our design services include:

System Sizing
- Heat loss analysis of the buildings on site and losses throughout the system
- Pipework and pump sizing

Biomass System location
- Determining the optimum location of the biomass plant room and / or solar thermal array
- Biomass Plant room design and equipment layout

Solar-thermal integration - as a pre-heat solar solution
- domestic hot water only
- Core solar heating solution for low temperature applications such as Passivhaus and underfloor heating

Biomass Fuel management, storage and delivery
- Assessment of wood and pellet biomass fuel delivery options, to ensure ease of access
- Fuel storage options depending on the choice of fuel e.g. log, wood waste, wood chip, wood pellets.

Heat Main
- Sizing of underground pipework
- Plotting underground pipework runs
- Heat main integration units within buildings

Given our experience to design across the range, from small domestic systems to large commercial sites, we are qualified to help you make the most cost-effective decision for your biomass heating and solar thermal needs.


Based on rigorous design, Oxford Renewables specifies the most suitable equipment. We are the SOLARFOCUS distributor for the south and southeast of England. Furthermore, we supply many other renewable energy heating products from a wide range of manufacturers to meet the demand for heating systems that don't readily fall within the solutions offered by SOLARFOCUS. We supply our end users and installer partners with the whole range of ancillary equipment such as pumps, underground pipework, insulation, heat exchangers and heat meters.

The SOLARFOCUS catalogue is a one-stop shop for domestic and commercial biomass heating and solar thermal products. For Biomass that means log, wood chip and wood pellet boilers. The solar-thermal range comes in two models, the Sunnyline and the premium model, the Compound Parabolic Collector (CPC). The applications can be domestic or commercial in nature, by running the thermal energy through a solar coil or stratified charging module respectively. The SOLARFOCUS range also includes fresh water technology and thermal storage. Fresh water modules deliver instantaneous and hygienic fresh water from 26l/min to 250l/ min. SOLARFOCUS has designed thermal storage solutions to ensure that no kilowatt of solar thermal energy is left behind. This includes buffer stores from 500 litres to 5000 litres in volume and thermal stores that integrate buffer storage with solar coils and Domestic Hot Water preparation.

If you would like to learn more about our product range please see our Inside the Technology section, or contact us.


With years in the biomass heating and solar thermal marketplace we have had the opportunity to install and commission a wide range of biomass and solar heating systems. The systems we are expert in range from wood burning stoves with back boilers, wood pellet stoves, pellet and log boilers with solar-thermal back-up, agricultural wood chip systems, multiple pellet boiler cascade systems and large district heat mains.

We carry out installations for sites located within a radius of 40 miles from our headquarters in southern Oxfordshire. We count on our own in-house installation team in addition to working relationships with well-qualified and professional subcontractors. Furthermore, all installations are project-managed to ensure that we meet all our commitments. Ensuring full customer satisfaction we submit the following documents for customer approval and sign-off:

- Installation contract
- Full pricing and specification
- Hydraulic schematic
- Plant room layout design
- Inclusions and Exclusions letter

Once the solar and / or biomass system is commissioned we attend site to deliver a comprehensive handover session to every customer.

For those sites outwith our 'comfort zone' we can recommend our network of fully trained installer partners who are strategically placed across the south and southeast of England. Our aim is that no customer should be more than a thirty-minute drive from one of our installer partners. This helps ensure competitive pricing and peace of mind for the end user.

Solid design and high-quality products allied to an organised and experienced installer base means our customers are assured of long-lasting and reliable heating systems.

Service & Maintenance

We offer a range of servicing, maintenance and breakdown options for our customers. What is of principal importance is that the end user knows that Oxford Renewables is available if the system does not function properly and that we are capable of taking the required remedial action in a timely and professional manner. Given that all biomass and solar thermal systems suffer wear and tear that is precisely what we deliver for our customers.

We do this by having an in-house service and maintenance team. Also, with all SOLARFOCUS products we can access the maintenance team based in Austria to discuss any issues we might encounter when diagnosing a problem or working on a repair. Furthermore, our installer partner network also receives service and maintenance training to ensure there is always a service engineer near you.

For those customers who wish to sign-up to our premium offering they receive one full annual system service, can call our service hotline 365 days a year and have access to our breakdown repair service on weekends and bank holidays.


The Oxford Renewables mission is to install renewable energy capacity across the south of England and to develop the human resource available to become expert in installing renewable energy. As such, a comprehensive commitment to training is essential. To do this we offer a number of training opportunities. All our installer partners are required to complete a three-stage training programme, as follows:

- Introduction to the SOLARFOCUS product line, system design and specification
- Commissioning and system handover to customer
- Warranty, breakdowns and servicing

This training programme is augmented by plenty of telephone, and on-site support, and visits to the SOLARFOCUS factory in Austria for in-depth, hands on training sessions. Our website is there as a resource to all those interested to gain a better understanding of the ins and outs of biomass heating and solar-thermal heating. We have also developed almost 100 standardised hydraulic schematics for a range of systems so that we can present and discuss typical problems and solutions related to the application of biomass and solar-thermal technology.


For all these reasons biomass and solar-thermal systems have proven to be a very good investment. Given a well-designed and installed system, using quality components, the end user should expect a return on investment of at least 12%, giving a simple payback within 8 years or less. Revenue from the RHI and cost-savings from fuel savings should continue for another twelve to twenty years thereafter.

To this end, we have helped a number of our customers' access the finance required to make these plans come to fruition. We can also offer advice on setting-up energy supply companies, as we run one ourselves.

For those customers who wish to access capital to finance their systems please contact us to let us know.

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