Commercial Biomass Boilers

Oxford Renewables offer a range of commercial biomass boilers that are perfect for companies, organisations, agricultural premises and large buildings. Improve energy and reduce heating costs with state-of-the-art heating systems from Ariterm – specialists in large-scale renewable heating solutions.

Why Install a Commercial Biomass Heating System?

Sites with two or more buildings paying separate council tax, and premises paying business rates are defined as commercial or non-domestic sites. These premises can receive the following benefits from installing a commercial biomass boiler:

• Attract non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) revenue. These annual payments from the government generally cover the cost of system installation in five to eight years.
• Biomass energy improves energy security and protects against future fines or taxes that may be introduced to lower carbon emissions.
• Biomass fuel can be bought in bulk. Several tons of wood pellets or wood chips can be purchased at any time, so providing you have the storage space you can operate your heating self-sufficiently.
• Commercial biomass boilers are easy to maintain. Many systems are fully automated so fuel supply is replenished as and when required automatically. A simple service/maintenance check is typically required annually.
• Control heating remotely. Our biomass boilers feature intuitive touch screen controls for simple heat management, which can be carried out remotely from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
• Create an environmentally friendly image. The pressure on businesses to introduce eco-friendly practises is growing, so take a pro-active step with wood-fuelled heating.