Domestic Biomass Boilers

Reduce energy costs and improve energy efficiency with a domestic biomass boiler. All biomass boilers we supply & install are eligible for the Domestic Renewable heat Incentive.

Biomass boilers are an excellent choice for homes that want to reduce their reliance on external forms of power and save money and energy in the process! Oxford Renewables have a range of domestic biomass boilers that are suitable for use in homes – even if you don’t have much room spare.

Why buy a domestic biomass boiler?

Biomass heating can supply your entire domestic heating requirements and even your hot water. Biomass fuel is cheaper and much more readily available than gas or electricity, particularly in rural environments. What’s more, you can generate income from the Renewable Heat Incentive, which is applicable for all the domestic biomass boilers we supply.

Domestic biomass boilers can be fuelled by logs, pellets, chips or a combination of different types of biomass fuels. To find out the most suitable type of biomass boiler for you, fill in our simple Heating Demand Profile.