Waste Wood for Industry

Investment and Payback
Convert wasted wood into savings with a system from Oxford Renewables.The price for a 1MW system is between £500,000 to £1,000,000 depending on the specification and application. In all cases, the payback should occur within 3-4 years and 16-17 years of profit and total return on investment of over £8,000,000.


Oxford Renewables provide low risk, high reward waste wood fuelled drying systems that use Ariterm, the UK’s most popular biomass boiler for waste wood.

Ideal for recycling centres, waste transfer stations and skip hire companies, the system gives a productive application to waste wood that would otherwise be costly to pass and export to other waste wood outlets.

Waste Wood Systems from Oxford Renewables


We convert the waste wood into fuel for boilers to produce hot air which is blown underneath a drying floor. This means that heat is generated to clean and dry other waste materials.

Skid Mounted Boiler AssemblyBoiler Delivery to Site

Drier waste is easier to handle and therefore it is easier to recover valuable materials during the segregation process. As the waste is lighter, it is also more easily manipulated, incurring fewer haulage and transport costs. More recovered value means less waste is sent to landfill, further reducing costs.

The system is a fantastic way for businesses to generate revenue and lower the operational costs associated with Grade A, B and C waste wood.


The Oxford Renewables team are experts in implementing systems that use waste wood as fuel, creating hot blown air for drying as part of the waste cleansing process. We have extensive experience managing waste to energy plants and are currently running two 1MW waste wood to energy plants in the Reading area.

From Grade A Waste Wood to Grade Waste Wood BiomassFilling the Fuel Store

The system that Oxford Renewables provides meets and surpasses the most stringent regulations for waste wood combustion. We understand the environmental health risks that can be associated with energy systems and ensure that our state-of-the-art technology meets all legal requirements.

With over 10 years’ experience installing and servicing biomass fuelled boiler systems, Oxford Renewables is the perfect long-term energy partner for your business. Take advantage of a comprehensive service contract to ensure that the system is performing as it should be, saving the most amount of money for your business.


The systems that Oxford Renewables install are 100% RHI compliant and will be accepted by OFGEM to receive payments for 20 years. We offer 100% financing for the system as provided by our selected finance partners. The Partnership Model sees Oxford Renewables fund and own the system, renting the land from you to locate the system, in exchange for the supply of waste wood fuel. Businesses have the option to buy the system from Oxford Renewables at a later date.

Drying FloorBatch Drying in Bins

We can help you to maximise your revenue streams through a combination of the Renewable Heat Incentive (up to £200,000 annually) and drying services (£50,000 annually). Businesses could also save up to £50,000 annually on waste wood disposal and potentially £125,000 on productivity gains per year.

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