Commercial FAQs

What qualifies as a commercial system?

Sites with two or more buildings paying separate council tax, or with at least one building paying business rates, are defined as non-domestic or commercial sites.
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Are commercial systems eligible for the Renewable Heat Incentive?

Yes. As long as the systems are using eligible fuels and products and have been installed in line with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) guidelines, all commercial systems are eligible.

What are the advantages of installing a biomass system for commercial applications?

The non-domestic RHI is a very good investment. When combining the fuel savings with the RHI payments our installations pay back in under eight years, usually in no more than five years.

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What types of fuel can be used in commercial systems?

The most popular fuels used in commercial systems are wood chip and wood pellet, as they are easy to store and fully-automated.

What is the most popular system for commercial applications?

The most popular commercial application of SOLARFOCUS boilers is to install two or more boilers in cascade. The 70kW PelletTop boiler in cascade provides reliable, efficient and low-maintenance, low carbon heating.

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