Gilles Biomass Heating

Gilles Biomass Heating

Oxford Renewables is an official partner of Austrian boiler manufacturers Gilles. Gilles boilers have been installed in over 1000 plant rooms throughout the U.K. With Gilles, we provide energy efficient biomass boilers to commercial and domestic properties. Gilles heating systems can reduce energy costs and help your home or business to become more environmentally friendly.

Gilles and Oxford Renewables

Gilles Biomass Boilers from Oxford RenewablesBiomass boilers are popular renewable energy systems as they are cost-effective and incredibly efficient. The Oxford Renewables team has extensive experience designing and installing Gilles boiler heating systems for spaces of varying sizes.

Gilles biomass boilers are particularly well-suited to large energy users who wish to secure their energy supply with certainty by moving to a locally abundant and renewable source, like biomass fuel. The UK has a vibrant and growing wood chip and wood pellet industry that provide heat and power at a much lower price than fossil fuels.

Oxford Renewables delivers a turn key solution from design, financing, installation, service and maintenance.

Gilles Biomass Boilers from Oxford Renewables

Gilles Biomass Boilers

Gilles Biomass Boilers from Oxford RenewablesAll our large-scale systems come with the following guarantee:

· We can register on the Non Domestic RHI scheme (not included).
· We will provide full quotation.
· We will provide detailed hydraulic, electrical and layout drawings.
· We will provide RAMS and full GANTT chart schedules.

We focus on the quality of the system design as well as the equipment and as such all projects require a technical survey before sign off.

· Full and final quotation.
· Hydraulic and electrical schematics.
· Full RAMS and method statements.
· Construction phase plan and Gannt charts.
· System layout drawings.
· Full flue drawings and calculations.
· Full service and maintenance contract.
· Any heat loss calculations that may be required.
· Project information pack.

Characteristics of the Gilles 1MW Boiler

· Weight 14 tonnes.
· Heat exchanger weight: 6 tonnes.
· Water capacity of 3,400 litres.
· Moving step grate technology for drying, gasification and combustion of the fuel.
· Automatic under grate ash discharge.
· Ceramic lined combustion chamber.
· Oil immersed helical geared motors.
· Chain driven walking floor.
· 10” touch display with industrial components. Not a microprocessor. The advantage is that components can be replaced and added individually.
· The transport system walking floor is with an I-beam in the ground from the very end of the fuel store to the end where the hydraulic piston is mounted. All forces go into the beam rather than into the concrete with the anchor for the piston.
· Strong augers with 8mm continuously welded auger flights.

Oxford Renewables provide a full aftercare package once the Gilles boiler systems has been implemented. We can repair and service your biomass boiler to ensure that it is supplying your home or business with the energy it needs to operate.

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For more information on the Gilles boilers that Oxford Renewables supply, please get in touch with our specialists today. Contact us online to discuss your heating needs and we can find the right system to suit you. Alternatively, you can call Oxford Renewables directly on 0845 217 8970.

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