Oxford Renewables is an official partner of Minibems, a British provider of management systems for complex heating installations for domestic and commercial use. The Minibems systems enables significant energy reductions and cost savings.

Minibems Energy Management with Oxford Renewables

Minibems is an energy management system for buildings that monitors and controls the heating network, increasing efficiency and reducing overall costs. Savings of 25% can be achieved across an entire heat network following the implementation of the system.

Minibems’ efficiency stems through temperature control of the heating system, dynamically reducing the heat network’s flow and return temperatures. Actual demand is met rather than operating the system at constant temperatures across the board all year round.

Oxford Renewables is thrilled to partner with Minibems, offering the system in conjunction with our range of green energy technologies, including biomass boilers. Minibems has been endorsed by experts from Shell, Innovate UK and the Department of Energy & Climate Change.

The Minibems system is specifically designed to be easy to install and maintain with heat networks controlled through a cloud-based application.

The state-of-the-art controls can be managed remotely as long as there is an internet connection. This gives users the power to monitor and control their own energy usage and allows faults to be diagnosed by engineers without having to visit the site.

Oxford Renewables has extensive experience implementing green energy systems for clients from a range of industries. Our experts can find the right system to suit your needs and discuss the Minibems system in depth.

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