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Who can save money with a District Heat Network installation?

Who can save money with a District Heat Network installation?

A District Heat Network is an efficient way of delivering heat to multiple end users in a community. The Oxford Renewables team works with a number of specialist partners to create effective biomass district heating networks that are equipped with intelligent dynamic controls. The benefits of a District Heat Network The installation of a state-of-the-art […]

Build It Live Event

Oxford Renewables is attending Build It Live 2017

Oxford Renewables will be showcasing a selection of products at the annual Build It Live event in Bicester from 10th-11th June 2017. The exciting exhibition gives visitors a chance to network with industry connections and gain inspiration for their self build or renovation projects. Derived from the Build It magazine, this action-packed weekend aims to […]

What is a district heat network?

What is a district heat network?

District heating is a cost effective and environmentally solution to heating to multiple properties. In the UK, most of our buildings currently run on gas, but a heat district network provides an alternative solution. How does it work? Instead of each property having its own gas boiler, waste heat from a biomass boiler or power […]

Renewable energy solutions for manufacturing

Renewable energy solutions for manufacturing

Renewable energy is becoming a huge factor when it comes to commercial businesses and energy generation. It can help save manufacturing businesses money and it is more friendly to the environment as it reduces the carbon footprint and less emissions and greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere. Oxford Renewables specialise in renewable energy for […]

Waste Wood Guarantees from Oxford Renewables

Waste Wood Guarantees from Oxford Renewables

Oxford Renewables provides waste wood fuelled drying systems that are ideal for recycling centres, waste transfer stations and more. The innovative systems involve waste wood that fuels boilers, producing hot air that is used to clean and dry other waste materials. Oxford Renewables understands that businesses require a consistent that system that can meet your […]

Systems for reducing waste wood

Experts in Waste Wood Systems

Oxford Renewables are experts when it comes to using waste wood as a fuel during the waste cleansing process. We are dedicated to providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly service, ensuring that the system produces 100% of all the potential revenue and cost saving. The benefits of drying waste wood We remove moisture from […]

Heaps of Waste Wood to be used as fuel

Waste Wood Technology from Oxford Renewables

Oxford Renewables now offer waste wood fuelled drying systems for the waste industry.  Drying systems fuelled by waste wood have been designed to reduce the impact of waste on the environment, while in turn increasing revenue for the waste industry and making it more cost effective to dispose of waste internally. Oxford Renewables use the […]

Financing for the Waste Wood Industry

Financing for Waste Wood Solutions

Oxford Renewables provide waste wood fuelled drying systems for the waste industry. This technology helps waste facilities cut costs and increase revenue, and the technology can be financed entirely by Oxford Renewables. Waste wood fuelled drying systems All waste wood fuelled drying systems installed by Oxford Renewables are fully compliant with the Renewable Heat Incentive […]

The Efficiency of Solar Thermal Heating

The efficiency of Solar Thermal Heating

Oxford Renewables work with a network of heating system installers to design and install solar thermal heating systems to homes and businesses across the South of England. Solar thermal energy uses panels (the collector area) to absorb heat from the sun. This warms the water in the panels which is then used throughout a property. […]

Biomass Heating

Oxford Renewables are proud to supply & install Gilles Biomass Heating

Happy New Year from the team at Oxford Renewables! We enjoyed the festive celebrations and are looking forward to the New Year ahead with exciting technology and new ventures. Oxford Renewables are experts in providing renewable technology that is reliable, effective, and efficient. We are now proud to be supplying and installing Gilles Biomass Heating. […]

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