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How Does a Wood Pellet Boiler Work?

Wood pellet boilers, or wood chip boilers and wood burning boilers as they are also known, are environmentally friendly and economical to run. A great alternative to gas and oil boilers, they work by using wood pellets, chips or logs as fuel rather than fossil fuels.

Wood Pellet Boilers are ‘Carbon Lean’

wood pellet boilersThough wood pellet boilers do produce carbon dioxide, it is only the result of what the wood has already absorbed – so there is no additional carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. When you take into account that the only carbon dioxide generated from biomass fuel is from transport and the making of the wood chips or pellets, wood pellet boilers are effectively carbon neutral, producing only a fraction of the gas in comparison to fossil fuels. What’s more, wood pellets are made from wood waste so there is no impact on forests and wildlife.

Wood pellet boilers generally consist of three main parts: the boiler itself, the hopper and the store. The wood pellets are kept in the store and the hopper automatically adds them to the boiler – reducing the amount of manual work for you! Some wood boilers use both pellets and logs, switching between the two as heating requirements vary.

Future Proof Your Premises with a Wood Chip Boiler

There are a huge number of benefits of wood pellet boilers including reduced costs, a wide availability of fuel and improved self-sufficiency – not to mention that it’s a great step in future proofing your home. Here at Oxford Renewables we offer a wide variety of wood pellet and chip boilers to suit various requirements, so whether you’re looking to heat a domestic property or want to use a biomass boiler system to contribute towards your energy usage, we’re sure to have the right wood chip boiler for you.

With years of experience in the industry, Oxford Renewables are ideally placed to offer comprehensive advice. Please feel free to get in touch today for more information about our wood pellet boilers and which model would suit you best.

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