What is a Twike?

The new company mascot of Oxford Renewables, the Twike!

A Twike is a new generation of hybrid transportation. It harnesses electricity and pedal power to reach speeds of up to 55mph! These speedy pods can hold two passengers and are designed and built in Germany.

The Twike is our company mascot here at Oxford Renewables as we believe that it epitomizes our company values of efficient energy use, community based energy solutions and sustainable use of the earth’s resources.

It’s clear that the Twike is quite the head-turner and this is just the way we like it. It’s a superb way of demonstrating Oxford Renewables’ deep-seated commitment to sustainable energy and of highlighting our creative solutions to age old problems.


If you ever spot Jim Dowling, the Oxford Renewables Managing Director, out and about in his Twike you can earn a free technical survey of your home or business by taking a photo of Jim and using the hashtag #TweetORTwike on Twitter.

Jim uses his Twike for his daily commute to work and for all trips within 50 miles of our Oxfordshire office.

Energy Solutions from Oxford Renewables

We generate our own electricity from the solar panel system on our office roof and also buy electricity from suppliers who generate renewable energy. This means the Twike runs on 100% renewable energy.

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