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Oxford Renewables can provide green energy products for both commercial and domestic properties. We are committed to saving our clients’ money, reducing energy costs and reducing their harmful emission output.

Renewable heating products and solutions from Oxford Renewables include:


Biomass boilers


Biomass boilers are one of the most popular energy efficient heating solutions, with homeowners and businesses across the country taking advantage of reduced fuel costs, lower carbon emissions and payments from the government’s Renewable Heat Incentive scheme.
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Air source heat pumps

Air Source

Air source heat pumps absorb low grade heat from the air outside before efficiently raising the temperature so it is suitable for heating homes and water. The pump needs electricity but uses less electrical energy than the heat it produces.
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Solar power

Solar Power

Solar PV panels are the simplest way to make your business or property more energy efficient and eco-friendly. The panels are future proof, easy to monitor and can be faults can be diagnosed remotely. Solar power is available for domestic and commercial use, regardless of your energy demands.
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Solar thermal heating panels

Solar Thermal Heating

Generate free energy from the sun with SOLARFOCUS solar thermal panels, which can be linked to your biomass boiler to increase energy efficiency and heating and hot water availability. Solar thermal heating is ideal for reducing heating bills in domestic and commercial premises alike.
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Heat interface units

Heat Interface Units

Heat your domestic hot water with heat from your biomass boiler and reduce your energy costs further! Our specialists can install a fresh water module into your home to provide an energy efficient and reliable domestic hot water solution.
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Wood burning stoves

Wood Burning Stoves

Domestic wood burning stoves reduce energy bills and make your home more energy efficient. There are a number of advantages to having a wood burning stove compared to fossil fuel systems. A wood burning stove is a better option financially and allows you to be self-sufficient.
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Energy storage

Energy Storage

Make the most of the energy generated by your biomass boiler or solar panels with thermal buffer storage, which keeps the heat locked in until you need it again. Using thermal storage ensures you’re using your biomass boiler to its highest efficiency and minimises heat loss.
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SOLARFOCUS is one of Europe’s largest and most reputable renewable heating system manufacturers. Oxford Renewables is proud to be the UK’s official supplier for the company and our team are fully qualified and certified to install, repair and maintain all of their renewable heating solutions.
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