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Overview of Renewable Energy Technologies Serviced:

Biomass – SOLARFOCUS, ETA, Windhager, MCZ

Solar thermal – All brands and systems

Remember the Oxford Renewables low lifetime cost promise: If you would like more information about the air source heat pump solution we can also provide the underfloor heating installation. Combined, these two technologies ensures low lifetime cost and minimum maintenance and repairs.

Get in touch! We offer a wide range of service and maintenance contracts and offerings. We have been working on biomass boilers in particular for eight years and know the technology very well.

Renewable Energy Service & Maintenance FAQs


Q. How do I report a problem?
A. Please call the office on: Telephone 0118 984 1753 or email

Q. How do I arrange a service visit?
A. We will make routine service arrangements annually with you at a mutually convenient date and time so you won’t need to do anything. However you can also contact us using the above details at any time to discuss your next service visit.


Q. How do I know when your engineer will arrive?
A. Our team will advise you on an approximate time of arrival upon confirmation of your booking and we will inform you of any anticipated delays as soon as possible.


Q. What happens once I have paid for my first visit?
A. We will make arrangements to carry out an inspection of your system and the annual service. The inspection will determine if we can offer you our on-going services.


Q. What if a problem is found during the inspection?
A. We will issue you with a quote to repair the problem. If you want us to carry the work out on the same visit we will require payment on the day. This will be less expensive than scheduling a separate visit to repair the problem. Our quote will remain valid for 30 days.


Q. What if I don’t want you to fix the problem?
A. We cannot enter into an on-going contract until we know your system is working to the required standard, we will still issue you with a report detailing our findings but will offer no further services until the problem is fixed.


Q. Can I have my money back if my system has failed the initial inspection?
A. Our initial inspection and the first service that we carry out at the same time are payable in advance and are non-refundable.


Q. My system passed the initial inspection, when does my contract take effect?
A. From the date of that initial inspection the contract will take effect for 12 months on a rolling basis, no further inspections are required.


Q. I have only signed up to an annual maintenance; will you still come out if my system stops working?
A. Yes although we will charge you for our call-out, time on site and any parts required. We will inform you in advance about our charges.


Q. The equipment fitted to my house is still under warranty – will you still charge me?
A. If the fault is with a component we supplied and is still under warranty then once we have established this is the case we will either not charge or will refund any money taken.


Q. What happens if I am out when your engineer visits?
A. We will never make unscheduled visits so if you miss a pre-arranged appointment and our engineer cannot carry out their duties then we reserve the right to charge for a wasted visit.


Q. What happens if I call you out but you find no fault with the system?
A. In this instance we reserve the right to charge you for a wasted visit.


Q. What happens at the end of my 12 months’ agreement?
A. We will automatically renew the services unless you ask us not to do so. We review pricing and scope of our services annually; we’ll let you know at least 4 weeks in advance if we propose to change the price or the services.

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