Solar Power

Overview of Technology: Photovoltaic Viridian Solar Panels

Simply put, solar PV panels are the easiest, most hassle-free way to join the renewable energy revolution. It is not too late to get involved… we have only just begun!

We offer a range of solar photovoltaic solutions, ranging from an elegant in-roof domestic installation to systems that provide the highest efficiencies on a domestic or commercial scale. We also offer battery storage and can design systems for off-grid applications and lifestyles.

Standard offering includes: In-roof solution Viridian Solar Panels with SMA Inverter

Superior offering includes: On-roof solution Panasonic with SMA Inverter, upgradable to include Battery Storage.

Premium offering includes: Panasonic with SolarEdge Inverter and Optimisers, upgradable to include Battery Storage. The premium solar PV offering provides the maximum output and maximum return on investment per kW installed.

Ideal Application: On roof

Typical Investment: £4,000 – £6,000

Typical fuel savings: £400

Typical Feed in Tariff : £150