Solarfocus Biomass Boilers

Solarocus Biomass Pellet Boilers

SOLARFOCUS Biomass Boilers – downdraft gasification for maximum efficiency

The SOLARFOCUS boilers are designed to ensure low heating costs over the lifetime of the wood boiler. This is achieved thanks to low maintenance requirements and efficient fuel combustion in conjunction with intelligent controls, which are easy to use for complete building heat management. The SOLARFOCUS range of biomass boilers guarantee highest efficiencies and lowest emissions, resulting in low lifetime costs and fuel savings for you.


All SOLARFOCUS biomass wood pellet boilers are MCS accredited and supported by Renewable Heat Incentive grants. They are also Clean Air Act exempt, with very low levels of nitrous oxide, carbon monoxide and particulate emissions out of the flue, and can be installed in urban areas.

Biomass Boiler kW Specifications
Wood Pellet biomass boilers (2.9-70 kW)
Log wood biomass boilers (13.4-60 kW)
Wood chip biomass boilers (11.4-60 kW)
Dual fuel boilers: wood logs + wood pellets (6.3-60 kW)
Cascades and clusters up to 420 kW


Touch screen ecomanager boiler controls

Effective and intuitive management of the biomass heating system; everything under control with one finger tip.

Remote control your heating system via your smartphone, PC or tablet computer. Whether you are travelling or simply sat on your sofa, you can access your heating system and select your desired settings.

biomass boiler controls


thermal buffer storage

Make the most of the heat generated from your biomass boiler with thermal storage, which can be drawn upon at any time for additional heat. Find out more about the line of thermal buffer stores from SOLARFOCUS that come with stratification as standard, with or without solar coils.

SOLARFOCUS CPC Solar-thermal heating collectors – Domestic hot water for all seasons.

SOLARFOCUS solar thermal heating systems ensure a consistent high output and are completely maintenance free.

– Highest quality flat collectors
– Swimming pool absorbers
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