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Our entire team keep our core values at the heart of everything they do to
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Our Mission

To make a lasting contribution to the U.K.’s renewable energy infrastructure and expertise, thereby helping to mitigate climate change, delivering resilient renewable energy capacity and providing the foundations for a prosperous and fair economy.
Our Team

Our entire team keeps the following core values at the heart of everything they do:
Environmental Sustainability    Great Customer Service  •  High Quality Equipment  •  Highly Efficient  •  Excellent Maintenance

Jim Dowling

Managing Director
I am responsible for the performance of the company and implementation of the boards strategy. I have built a great team around me by selecting people who believe in our company values. When I am not overseeing the company processes and strategies I form part of the design team. I have an MSc in Renewable Energy Systems Technology

James Norman

I come from a farming and woodland management background, and I have run organic farms for 25 years. The reason we started Oxford Renewables in 2008 was to pursue environmental sustainability through the use of wood fuel from Britain’s woodlands.

Ben Carter

Commercial Director
I am responsible for the sales and marketing at Oxford Renewables. As well as seeking out new business opportunities I engage potential customers and explain the benefits of the fantastic renewable energy solutions that we offer. I have a MSc in Environmental Sustainability.

Jakob Fey

Technical Design Engineer
I am responsible for overseeing the design and implementation of the whole spectrum of renewable energy technologies which we deal with. I have a BSc in Renewable Energy Technology

Simon O’Flaherty

Project Manager
As a Project Manager for Oxford Renewables my job varies a lot, managing projects from the big to the small. We aim to deliver high quality installations, based on thorough design. 

Marek Zawadzki

Service and Maintenance Manager
I ensure that all our customers systems are serviced in accordance to the schedule we have produced for them. I run our team of maintenance engineers who ensure that our customers installations are working both constantly and efficiently.

Jane Yamamoto

My role within the company is the efficient running of the office and the management of the accounts. I take great pleasure in working in an industry that supports sustainability. 
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