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Brazier's Park

total annual benefit at Brazier's Park
300,000 kWht
of reliable and comfortable heating and hot water
Over 180m 
 of underground pipework

We Installed

2x 60kW SOLARFOCUS woodchip & log boilers and 6,000ltrs. of buffer storage.

Over 180m of underground pipework.

2 heat main interface units for heating and hot water (like conventional gas combination boilers, but wood-fuelled).

Overhaul of the boiler room, situated in the cellar, including integrating 21st century plumbing with 19th century.

In Autumn 2010 the system was commissioned.

This is a rare example of two woodchip-fuelled boilers working in cascade, giving Oxford Renewables unique experience in complex wood-fuelled heating systems.

Project Overview

3 buildings are provided with approximately 300,000 kWhth of reliable and comfortable heating and hot water.

Fuel Savings
The current fuel bills are roughly 1/3 of an equivalent oil system.

Renewable Heat Incentive
The site should generate over £15,000 per annum for the next 20 years.

Carbon Emissions
Low moisture content wood chip is sourced locally. Wood chip is considered almost carbon neutral while the euqivalent annual oil carbon footprint is over 80 tonnes (Source: Carbon Trust).

By sharing the burden between multiple boilers, the system has more resilience to failure and has a greater modulation. With less wear and tear of components the productive lifetime is extended, delivering a higher payback.

Project Information

  • Built in the 19th century
  • Retrofit
  • Rural
  • Wood Fuel Integration
  • District Heat Main
  • Commercial
  • Eligible for RHI

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