District Heat Networks

We offer highly efficient District Heat Network solutions. We specify metering & billing as standard and are able to upgrade existing heat networks.
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District Heat Networks

Oxford Renewables offer a feasibility, design, installation, commissioning and maintenance service for District Heat Networks which follow the CIBSE code of best practise for the UK.

Deliver heat with state-of-the-art DHN technology.

We work with a number of specialist manufacturers and subcontractors to deliver our DHN projects. We have years of experience in the design, supply, and installation of DHNs. We offer bespoke solutions to meet the individual requirements of your district heat network.

To find out more about our District Heat Network offerings, visit our Resources page and download our informative PDF brochures or contact us today to discuss the potential benefits.
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Benefits of DHNs

  • Reduced costs
    Centralised plant rooms are more cost effective to service and maintain than multiple distributed boilers.

  • Remote billing
    Tenants can have their heat usage metered remotely. 

  • Remote visibility
    Hardware faults in the end users properties can be seen remotely allowing for planned maintenance visits to be made instead of reactive ones.

  • Improve energy security
    In UK cities for every unit of electrical energy consumed three units of energy are used for heating. With fossil fuelled gas boilers providing 90% of this heat DHNs provide a good avenue through which to improve energy security.

  • Environmentally friendly
    DHNs provide a flexible solution for the decarbonisation of commercial and domestic heating - Once multiple users have been grouped together on a DHN, it is easy to decarbonise their heating from the central plant room.

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