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Hadley Recycling & Waste

total annual benefit at Hadley Recycling
3 years
payback on initial investment
£6.6 million 
anticipated 20 year benefit at Hadley Recycling & Waste Management index-linked at 2%


Hadley’s operate a fully licensed waste transfer station for industrial and commercial waste in Reading. 

Their business strategy is simple - to divert as much waste from landfill as possible by either recycling or waste to energy generation. 

Hadley’s were keen to increase the value of their Grade A waste wood by using it to generate heat for an on-site drying facility. 

They also wanted to benefit from the Government Renewable Heat Incentive by using the heat for a legitimate process. 
Their objective is to:
  • Dry general waste for RDF and SRF
  • Dry wet soils and clay prior to screening
  • Provide 3rd parties with drying services, such as logs for wood burners
Hadley Recycling and Waste Management were looking for a company that had both the knowledge and expertise when it came to installing biomass into the waste sector.

They approached Oxford Renewables a company that has extensive experience managing waste to energy plants, and a trusted partner of Barden Energy for the South of England.


Oxford Renewables installed an Ariterm Bioenergy 999kW biomass boiler heating system, along with a hot air ducting system to connect ten drying bins.

As part of the package Oxford Renewables submitted the Government Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) application on behalf of the client. A scheme which pays participants quarterly for 20 years.

The RHI application was accredited in June 2016.

Barden Energy supplied Oxford Renewables with the Ariterm biomass system alongwith training, technical support and full commissioning of the biomass system.

Cost Benefit

Installation of Biomass Drying Facility
Ariterm Bio Boiler 999kW
Annual Revenue
RHI payment £171,400
Waste wood disposal saving £29,600
Drying product* £74,200

Total annual profit £274,800

 * The figures above are anticipated and are not exact. Estimated annual run time 70%; burning 1182 tonnes of Grade A waste wood. *Based on removing 2474 tonnes of moisture from their drying process per year. The system is accredited for the RHI in June 2016. 

4 Reasons to choose an Ariterm Biomass Boiler to burn your Grade A waste wood:

1. DEFRA approved - guaranteed to burn your Grade A wood chip

2. Maximum uptime - separate boiler and burner for faster and easier maintenance

3. Pre-packaged boiler plant room - for a quick cost effective installation as well as easier relocation

4. Capable of running 7000 hours per year - giving you the opportunity to gain maximum returns from the RHI

Barden Energy is the exclusive distributor of the Ariterm biomass boiler range greater than 300w. Oxford Renewables is Barden Energy’s trusted installer in the South of England. 

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