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By Alix Davis 10 Jul, 2017

A District Heat Network is an efficient way of delivering heat to multiple end users in a community. The Oxford Renewables team works with a number of specialist partners to create effective biomass district heating networks that are equipped with intelligent dynamic controls.

The benefits of a District Heat Network

The installation of a state-of-the-art network can save customers around 25% on energy bills every year and maintaining the system is quick, easy and cost-effective. Systems that have the Minibems management technology included control and monitor the heat distribution, so you always know exactly how the network is performing in real-time.

District Heat Networks  are suitable for both commercial and domestic use. The government introducing the Heat Networks Delivery Unit (HNDU) to encourage communities in particular to invest in the systems. Bids are entered by a local authority with successful applicants receiving a share of the £320 million investment project. A network contributes to a local authorities’ targets for reducing carbon emissions.

Oxford Renewables works with partners like Minibems, Enerpipe and Gilles to provide the best possible heating system. From initial plant room drawing and electrical schematics, to installation and training, Oxford Renewables can help you to implement a District Heat Network from concept to completion.

In addition to District Heat Networks, Oxford Renewables provide a range of green energy systems  such as biomass boilers, solar power and Tesla energy. To find out which system is the most suited to your specific energy needs, speak to one of our consultants today.

Get in touch with the Oxford Renewables team

For more information on the benefits of a District Heat Network or any of the other renewable energy systems that we can provide, please get in touch. Contact us online  or speak to one of our specialists directly by calling us on 0118 984 1753 .

By Alix Davis 24 Apr, 2017

District heating is a cost effective and environmentally solution to heating to multiple properties. In the UK, most of our buildings currently run on gas, but a heat district network provides an alternative solution.

How does it work?

Instead of each property having its own gas boiler, waste heat from a biomass boiler or power supply is used to heat water and pipe it into a building. These pipes run throughout the buildings providing an efficient room heating system and hot water to the taps.

A heat district network can also be used on a large scale such as in Denmark. In this case, waste heat from power plants is used to heat homes. There are currently 440 district heat networks, connecting to 60% of homes across the country.

District heating made easy with Enerpipe

Oxford Renewables works with an innovative heating system supplier called Enerpipe. The German company is dedicated to providing environmentally friendly energy solutions to both domestic and commercial properties. Enerpipe supplies advanced insulated pipe systems, ensuring that you receive maximum efficiency from the hot water. They have also created heat interface units with control panels, meaning that you can alter the temperature of your home or property. Enerpipe products can also be implemented into your existing heat network, improving your energy efficiency and saving you money in the long run.

Contact Oxford Renewables to discover the best heating system for you

No matter the size, purpose or quantity of your properties, Oxford Renewables can help you   make the transition to environmentally friendly, self-sufficient energy. We have a vast range of experience working with both domestic properties, and businesses alike.

By Alix Davis 10 Apr, 2017

Renewable energy is becoming a huge factor when it comes to commercial businesses and energy generation. It can help save manufacturing businesses money and it is more friendly to the environment as it reduces the carbon footprint and less emissions and greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere.

Oxford Renewables specialise in renewable energy for manufacturing and can help identify which system is best suited to your business. We can also help find funding for renewable energy installations along with service and maintenance for all systems installed by us to ensure your costs stay low and productivity remains high.

Solar Energy

There are two different types of solar energy, despite the belief that solar panels only serve one purpose. Solar thermal heating and solar power provide two different services for manufacturers. Depending on the needs of your business, solar is a viable option that can help you with your revenue.

Solar power is the most common use of solar energy. The solar panels used for this type of renewable energy converts the sun’s UV energy into electricity, meaning over time the panels will pay for themselves and for any excess energy generated, your business can sell it back to the grid, making it rewarding for producing some or all of your own energy for your business.

Solar Thermal Heating is essentially free energy. We work with SOLARFOCUS, a leading supplier of solar panels to provide efficient and cost effective solar installations to manufacturers around the country. The panels create heat from the energy of UV light and makes efficient use of the sun’s energy even in autumn and winter where the light falls at a lower angle.

Combined with biomass energy, solar thermal heating can provide a longer system life and will cost less to run!

Biomass Energy

Biomass energy is the biggest growing renewable energy within the commercial industry. Depending on your business’ criteria, you could be eligible for funding for a biomass heating system from the government’s RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive). This makes installing a biomass boiler cost less for your business and it will pay for itself more quickly. The systems are easy to maintain and biomass fuel can be bought in bulk so your manufacturing costs can stay low and the system will eventually, overtime, save your business money.

Get in touch for renewable energy installations

If you’re interested in a renewable energy system for your manufacturing business or commercial premises, get in touch with Oxford Renewables  and we can advise on the best system for you. Our experts are on hand to answer any questions and help you join the renewable energy revolution! Contact us directly on 0118 984 1753  for more information.

By Alix Davis 31 Mar, 2017

Oxford Renewables provides waste wood fuelled drying systems that are ideal for recycling centres, waste transfer stations and more. The innovative systems involve waste wood that fuels boilers, producing hot air that is used to clean and dry other waste materials.

Oxford Renewables understands that businesses require a consistent that system that can meet your specific needs. We guarantee that the waste wood process will provide a steady revenue stream and hit set targets.

Waste Wood for Industry

The waste wood technologies that Oxford Renewables install are 100% RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive) compliant, meaning that they will be accepted by OFGEM (Office of Gas and Electricity Markets) for 20 years.

Oxford Renewables guarantee that this technology can maximise your revenue streams through a combination of the RHI (up to £200,00 annually) and drying services (over £50,000 annually). Money can also be saved on waste wood disposal (approximately £50,000 annually) and on productivity (£125,000 annually). 100% financing is available on this system through selected finance providers.

To ensure the longevity of the new waste wood system, Oxford Renewables has developed a service and maintenance regime to ensure at least 7000 run hours per year, every year, for 20 years.

Oxford Renewables has extensive experience when it comes these types of systems as we are currently managing two 1MW waste wood to energy plants in Reading. Whatever your energy needs, Oxford Renewables can ensure your business is as efficient as possible.

Get in touch with Oxford Renewables

For more information on any of the green energy systems that we provide, please get in touch today. Oxford Renewables can determine the best solutions to sort your specific requirements.

Contact us online  and we will get back to you as soon as possible or call one of our specialists now on 0118 984 1753 .

By Alix Davis 21 Mar, 2017

Oxford Renewables are experts when it comes to using waste wood as a fuel during the waste cleansing process. We are dedicated to providing a cost effective and environmentally friendly service, ensuring that the system produces 100% of all the potential revenue and cost saving.

The benefits of drying waste wood

We remove moisture from waste wood, reducing the weight and therefore the transportation cost. Dried wood also takes up less space in a landfill, making it kinder to the environment. This whole system is fuelled by hot blown air , produced from waste wood itself, reducing the overall mass of wood left over as waste.

Oxford Renewables provide a range of drying systems catering to the different needs of companies. Our most popular system is a batch drying method  including bins, however we also provide conveyor drying systems for businesses with a large waste volume. We offer these systems as part of The Partnership Model. This means that Oxford Renewables can support you in finding the funding through our trusted partners.

We fully understand, and provide solutions to, the risks posed by environmental health regulations. Our sites have the systems and technology to meet and surpass the most stringent regulations for waste wood combustion.

Contact Oxford Renewables for installation

Our specialist team looks after hundreds of systems and we have over 10 years of experience in installing and servicing biomass fuelled boiler systems.

If you are interested in our environmentally friendly, and cost effective waste wood solutions please contact us today. A member of our team will be able to discuss the benefits of our systems, and how they can fit in with your current business. You can contact us online  and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can call a member of our team on 0118 984 1753  to speak to an adviser directly.

By Alix Davis 03 Mar, 2017

Oxford Renewables now offer waste wood fuelled drying systems for the waste industry.  Drying systems fuelled by waste wood have been designed to reduce the impact of waste on the environment, while in turn increasing revenue for the waste industry and making it more cost effective to dispose of waste internally.

Oxford Renewables use the Ariterm biomass boiler, the UK’s most popular biomass boiler for waste wood technology. The drying systems provide an alternative way to filter and dispose of waste wood, reducing costs and improving the sustainability of the waste industry.

Waste Wood Fuelled Drying Systems

Recycling centres, waste transfer stations and skip companies can all benefit from a drying system. The process removes moisture from waste, making valuable materials easy to salvage and as it weighs less, transportation costs are reduced. It also means less waste is taken to landfill sites which is kinder to the environment. The systems is fuelled by waste wood, meaning the wood is recycled for energy.

Oxford Renewables provide multiple drying options for different companies depending on their needs. We install batch drying systems that include bins or that come with a drying floor and conveyor drying systems which are suitable for businesses with larger waste volumes.

Install waste wood technology on your site

Installing a wood fuelled drying system can help your business increase revenue and Oxford Renewables  are happy to offer our advice and recommendations. If you choose the Combined Heat and Power option (using biomass with solar thermal heating) you can save your site up to £60,000 annually in electricity bills! Contact Oxford Renewables direct on 0118 984 1753  for more information or contact us online  and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

By Alix Davis 21 Feb, 2017

Waste wood fuelled drying systems

All waste wood fuelled drying systems installed by Oxford Renewables are fully compliant with the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), a government scheme from OFGEM which provides financial support for renewable energy systems for businesses. Installed systems are a beneficial long-term investment with OFGEM and you will receive payments for up to 20 years.

We offer The Partnership Model, where we will fund and own the system. Oxford Renewables  can help you source 100% of the finance for a waste wood system through our selected finance partners. We will also rent the land from you to accommodate the system and in exchange, you will make a commitment to supply 2000 tonnes of Grade A waste wood as fuel.

Installing a waste wood fuelled drying system can help to massively increase your business’ revenue. The RHI can generate up to £200,000 annually and the drying services you can provide using the system can generate up to £50,000 annually.

Overall, while being beneficial through monetary gain, you will also be helping the environment. Drying waste with a drying system fuelled by waste wood helps reduce the amount of refuse that goes to landfill sites. Recyclable and valuable materials can be extracted more easily from dry waste and it also weighs less, reducing transportation costs for your business.

More information on waste wood financing

If you’re interested in a drying system to make your waste business more efficient in productivity and economically, contact Oxford Renewables  for more information. We will assess how your business can benefit from a drying system with your budget and help you get the most from your waste wood. You can call the team directly on 0118 984 1753  for more information and advice.

By Alix Davis 06 Feb, 2017

Solar Fraction vs. Solar Efficiency

Solar panels are incredibly effective for heating the water supply of domestic properties during the warmer months of the year. Although they can provide some energy during the autumn and winter, other energy supplies are needed at this time.

For residential properties that want the water portion of their household energy demand covered, a solar thermal array is ideal. However, some users and homes want to use their solar thermal heating system to provide a pre-heat for their central heating system, warming the space, as well as the water.

The idea of a pre-heat is that the water which is destined for the central heating picks up whatever heat is generated from the solar thermal array first before being heated up to the required temperature by the main boiler. This process reduces the amount of gas or oil that’s needed and means that no solar thermal energy is wasted.

If a property needs guaranteed hot water in the spring and summer months then the collector area can be increased, allowing for more heat to be absorbed. This is known as focusing on the solar fraction, which is the percentage of the seasonal heating requirement that is provided by a solar heating system.

By Chris Lunn 03 Jan, 2017

Gilles Biomass Heating

Oxford renewables work with Gilles to provide high-quality biomass boilers that cannot be disputed for their reliability and value. Not only do we provide the ultimate standard of biomass boilers, we also provide maintenance on the boilers to ensure maximum efficiency throughout their lifespan. Gilles is a well-respected, reliable company that has been providing bespoke biomass boilers for over twenty years.

Why choose biomass heating from Oxford Renewables?

Biomass heating is a reliable and efficient alternative to fossil fuels and can be used in a variety of properties. Oxford Renewables provide an excellent service for biomass heating  for both domestic and commercial customers. It is a money-saving alternative source of energy which is better for the environment.

Biomass heating is becoming more popular, particularly as more emphasis is placed on reducing carbon emissions and making a greener world. Oxford Renewables play a large part in helping to make the planet more sustainable with our energy sustainable products.

More sustainable products from Oxford Renewables

In addition to our biomass boilers, we offer renewable energy solutions including solar panels, solar thermal heating, heat pumps, wood burning stoves, fresh water technology and more. We are confident in all our renewable energy solutions  and work hard to provide our customers with the highest quality renewable energy sources.

Contact Oxford Renewables for biomass heating

If you are looking for a reliable alternative to fossil fuels as an energy source for your domestic or commercial property, contact Oxford Renewables today . We can help advise the best solution for you and create bespoke installations for your home or business to help reduce your carbon footprint and cut energy costs. You can also contact us directly by calling 0118 984 1753 .

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