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A low risk solution to waste with benefits for your business and the environment. View a Waste Wood Case Study here.
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Utilise Waste Wood

Oxford Renewables offer a range of industrial waste wood boilers, perfect for recycling centres, waste transfer stations, skip hire companies and producers of waste wood.

Improve your resource management efficiency and reduce heating costs with state-of-the-art waste to energy technology.

What is the most profitable way to process your waste wood?

We strongly expect that OFGEM will apply changes to the eligibility of using heat for drying to be applied in early 2018. This raises the question whether it makes more sense to pursue the RHI and work within a much more restricted drying regime or pursue unrestricted drying that reduce long-terms waste disposal costs by reducing waste tonnages to landfill.

Oxford Renewables can help guide you through answering these questions.

The Small Waste Incineration Plant that we specify can be used to burn grade C wood waste. We hold in-house expertise in the environmental permitting system and environmental legislation which will ensure that the systems we install are fully compliant with current and future Environment Agency emissions limits. We have years of experience in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of commercial waste wood burning boilers and renewable heating solutions. We can offer drying systems, space heating or district heat networks as uses for the heat from waste.

If you'd like to discuss the potential benefits of waste wood for your business, contact us today.
Benefits of Burning Waste Wood

Utilising waste wood has a number of benefits both environmentally and fiscally for your business:
  • Reduce fossil fuel bills
    Offset your current fossil fuelled heating with energy produced from your own waste.

  • Waste removal or Landfill costs can be reduced, potentially to zero
    By burning your waste wood you will reduce the amount of charges that you incur disposing of it.
  • Earn non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) income
    These quarterly payments from the government can be accessed by wood waste burning plant providing that certain criteria are met.
  • Improve energy security
    Protect your business against future fines or taxes that may be introduced to lower carbon emissions. 
  • Easy to maintain
    Waste wood boilers are fully automated, stoking themselves and gathering ash in bins. A simple service/maintenance schedule is all that is required – Oxford Renewables can manage this whole schedule for you.

  • Monitor your installation remotely
    Waste wood boilers can be installed with remote monitoring and control software.

  • Reinforce your reputation for environmental sustainability
    The pressure on businesses to introduce eco-friendly practises is growing, so take a pro-active step and make the best possible use of your wood waste resource. 

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